Priya Gill

Priya seeks to create a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive atmosphere for her clients. Priya views therapy as a journey for growth, healing, and connection. She uses a holistic and collaborative approach, recognizing that it can be difficult to process painful emotions. She believes that a strong therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client is the main pillar for an enduring and meaningful experience.

Throughout her education, Priya learned about Psychodynamic theory, Attachment Theory, Existential therapy, and Narrative therapy. She believes that understanding our past experiences can help individuals gain insight into unresolved symptoms and inner conflicts as well as prevent repeating patterns in their present-day lives. Her therapeutic style is compassionate, gentle, empathetic, and relational. She aims to offer a caring and calm presence with a trauma-focused lens to help clients feel safe to share and experience the most vulnerable parts of themselves in therapy.

Priya graduated from the University of Baltimore County in Catonsville, MD with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  She is expected to graduate with her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Hood College in January 2024. Priya also has an extensive background of working with clients with severe and persistent mental illness in various community mental health clinics as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor and Job Coach. In these roles, she has managed caseloads of minors, adolescents, and adult clients who experience issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and mood dysregulation. Priya also has supervisory experience in her previous role as a PRP and Vocational Program Supervisor. In addition, she has worked with diverse and ethnically diverse populations in Baltimore City. With genuine curiosity, she assists clients in overcoming barriers that are preventing them from achieving happiness and stability.

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