Kathleen Lunsford, LCSW-C

*Kathleen is a licensed contractor with Washington Psychological Wellness

Kathleen Lunsford, LCSW-C


Kathleen Lunsford, LCSW-C, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has provided individual, group, and couples’ counseling for over 35 years. Kathleen specializes in working with people who have experienced trauma—physical, sexual, and emotional—from early childhood through adulthood. Many of these individuals experience intense distress and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and struggle to “make sense” of their emotions, memories, and experiences. Kathleen’s interventions help them identify and experience the protective parts of themselves that hold the painful emotions, which prevent them from experiencing comfort and safety in the present.

Kathleen has also worked extensively with clients who experience depression, anxiety, grief, and life transitions and crises. Kathleen approaches each new client with openness and a supportive and non-judgmental acceptance of one’s unique strengths, issues, and goals. She helps individuals identify the challenges and experiences that cause distress, both past, and present, and assist them in learning and practicing techniques that allow them to manage feelings, make behavioral changes, and achieve their goals. Ultimately, her role is to be a “guide” who provides the “tools” for change and believes that a collaborative partnership will afford the client an opportunity for healing and resolution.

Kathleen is an active person who believes that physical movement and mindfulness are essential elements of the change process. As such, she offers the practice of “walking and talking” therapy (especially during the pandemic!) to supplement treatment. 

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