Nat Thomson

Graduate Clinical Social Work Intern

Nat is completing his MSW program at Simmons University in Boston, Massachusetts,  and is a graduate-level psychotherapy intern at Washington Psychological Wellness. He is also a Graduate Assistant with his school’s Master’s In Public Health program, focused on health equity. Before entering his MSW program, Nat spent 15 years living in NYC, working in media and communications as a journalist, researcher, and strategist.

Nat’s academic research and writing in his MSW program have focused on topics including the ways in which media impacts us, the experiences of Black women in white-dominant work environments, and women’s involvement in social movements. He believes that work with clients should be tailored to a client’s needs, challenges, and personality and specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), narrative therapy for trauma, and motivational interviewing. Nat has tremendous respect for the client’s cultural background and practices, focusing on exercising cultural humility.

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