Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Does Marriage Counseling Work After Infidelity?

Most of us struggle after infidelity. When we take an oath of matrimony, we vow to become one, to love, and to act in the interest of our partner.  We spend months to years building the foundation of trust and love. Infidelity can erase years of happiness in a matter of minutes, replacing them with insecurity, anger, and doubt.  For some couples, this marks the end of their marriage.  In many cases, the infidelity was a surrogate for the unhappiness that had been accumulating over a number of years.  However, many other couples think back to the oath of marriage, that love is unconditional.  This oath can be a guide to seeking help to work through the journey that is marriage.

How can couples counseling help your marriage?

You are not alone in this struggle. Four out of ten couples experience infidelity at some point in their marriage. 

Many factors, including freedom due to social media, longer life expectancy rates as well as the changing stigma regarding divorce contribute to this.  With that being said, over half of marriages survive, despite infidelity. 

Couples counseling can give you the help you need to save your marriage.  While your relationship is at its most fragile point, your therapist can help restore trust and help reinforce the foundation of your love.

A marriage counselor will help facilities communication about each partners needs

A marriage counselor can help the couple understand the affair and why it happened by examining why infidelity happens. 

Often times, there are thoughts of weakness, a lack of attention, and an unfortunate dynamic of power roles in a relationship. Counseling can help examine these concepts and work towards arriving at a point of mutual respect, love, and introspection. 

Communication with one’s partner and admitting insecurities are not signs of weakness.  Instead, learning to show vulnerability to the one you love can foster an atmosphere of trust and serve as a springboard to addressing obstacles before they occur.

How successful is marriage counseling?

Your therapist will provide you with the tools for communication. 

Therapy alone cannot mend or save a relationship. Therapy can facilitate communication and provide you with the tools within you and illuminate the path to understanding the thoughts and behaviors of both yourself and your partner. 

Relationships are complex and dynamic.  Infidelity is common but allows us to weather the adversity, address problems in our relationships and ultimately arrive at a stronger marriage.

Marriage counseling after infidelity

Washington Psychological Wellness is a boutique-style mental health practice treating members of the Maryland community. Our couples and marriage counselors/therapists are trained to help you and your partner(s) process, explore and work through life after infidelity.

Whether you choose to stay in the marriage/relationship or pursue other options, we are here to help. Our clinicians are non-judgmental, safe, and accepting of all individuals, couples, and relationships regardless of sex, gender, religion, ethnicity, diversity, and/or any other precipitating factor. 

Contact us now for a complimentary 15-minute initial consultation. 

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